Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds made an unexpected statement on his verified Twitter account and revealed that he’s quitting Imagine Dragons.

Here’s his statement:

“I love @tomdelonge

His UFO work is super inspiring and punk. leaves everything to pursue his passion. and for the record, his show on the history channel is very convincing and legit.

I’m quitting imagine dragons to pursue 🛸”

You can see the tweet below:

Yesterday, Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds made a recent statement on his Twitter page and revealed what he thinks about LGBTQ rights.

BBC News shared special news on Twitter and said:

“Gay couple beaten for refusing to kiss on London bus.”

Dan responded:

“Absolutely disgusting. We MUST fight for a safer tomorrow for our LGBTQ youthso that these sorts of horrible things don’t happen  this month let’s go.”

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