Recently on Twitter, Imagine Dragon‘s frontman Dan Reynolds shared the exciting news of his band becoming the most followed group on Spotify and revealed how he started this career in the first place.

The American pop-rock band Imagine Dragons has been actively producing hit songs since its formation in 2008. The band consisted of the lead singer Dan Reynolds, lead guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman. Most recently, Imagine Dragons’ released their fourth studio album named ‘Origins‘ on November 9, 2018.

Recently on Twitter, the talented vocalist Dan Reynolds announced the recent achievement of Imagine Dragons and revealed the band became the ‘most followed group on Spotify in history.’

In his tweet, Reynolds thanked the fans for their support and mentioned how proud he was to receive this exciting news. Dan also explained that as a ‘depressed kid,’ he turned to music in middle school and got the strength he needed from music to succeed in life.

Here’s the tweet Dan Reynolds posted to announce the success of Imagine Dragons:

Today I found out Imagine Dragons is the most followed group on Spotify in history. and damnit, I felt incredibly proud. and it’s because of you. you followed a depressed kid who turned to music for refuge in middle school. thank you for singing with me. Tonight I feel so blessed.

Furthermore, Dan posted another tweet stating Imagine Dragons was not only a simple band. It was actually a combination of different feelings that found a body in the music they created.

Here’s what Dan Reynolds explained his vision for Imagine Dragons:

Imagine Dragons is not a band. it is a feeling of hope, happiness, sadness, and vulnerability. it isn’t a face or person. it is an emotion that resonates in your ear and spirit.

You can see the tweets Dan Reynolds posted on Twitter below.