As you might recall, we published an article about Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds yesterday and exposed how he plans to make a video game and already begun to learn coding for a while.

Today, he posted a bunch of new tweets on his verified Twitter account and exposed the concept drawings from the video game he’s planning to make. According to Dan, these images were made all by himself.

Here is what he wrote earlier:

“I’m learning coding so I can make a computer game someday – which has always been a dream of mine. But let me just say I have a real newfound respect for programmers and 3D artists.

This is insanely complex and feels like learning a new language.”

Today, he wrote this as an addition to his video game tweets:

“My meager attempt of designing the first character for my video game idea.”

A Twitter user named Skylar wrote this as a comment:

“Also this looks like Brad…”

Dan Reynolds admitted the truth:

“It’s based on him :)”

You can check out the tweets of the Imagine Dragons frontman right below.