Cradle of Filth revealed on Instagram that guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni parted ways from the band. The vocalist Dani Filth shared his views about these departures.

So many line-up changes happened in Cradle of Filth, and Dani Filth talked about this in the past interviews. The band worked with eleven different guitarists, nine keyboardists, four bassists, and five drummers until the last line-up.

Dani Filth revealed that the previous members separated from the band for personal reasons and wanted to work on their solo careers. In a past interview, Filth mentioned how he was content with the current members as they supported each other to be better.

However, Cradle of Filth recently shared an Instagram post announcing that guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni left the band. As the group declared, Donny Burbage would be on guitar in the upcoming US tour with Danzig, while the new keyboardist would be Zoe Marie Federoff. The band wished success for both Shaw and Iratni.

The caption on their official Instagram account follows:

“It is with the gravest of sadness that Cradle Of Filth announces the departure of guitarist Richard Shaw and Keyboardist Anabelle Iratni from the band’s ranks.⁣ Due to other commitments, Richard is passing his prestigious baton to newcomer Donny Burbage, who will be fulfilling guitar duties throughout the forthcoming US tour with Danzig, alongside Ashok and bassist Daniel Firth. ⁣

We also say farewell to Anabelle and thank her for her awesome contribution to ‘Existence Is Futile,’ her successor being the very talented singer/keyboardist Zoe Marine Federoff⁣. As with Rich, the band wishes Anabelle continued success in all her future endeavors.⁣”

Filth also shared his opinions on the last departures mentioning that this was an issue he should accept without questioning if a member wanted to leave. Filth stated that they had to respect people’s personal choices instead of trying to hold them. The rocker also indicated that the band would continue their creation unceasingly. After their tour with Danzig, they will continue with the Summer Festival and other upcoming events.

About the departures, Dani Filth said:

“Unfortunately, it just is what it is. If someone feels that their tenure with the band has ended, then who am I to argue with that? We have to respect that people have personal commitments and/or sometimes find the career choice of being in a band like Cradle a tad overwhelming.

That being said, the band is continuing as indefatigably as ever, with a slew of Summer festival dates happening after the tour with Danzig in the US and Canada, plus further Autumn announcements to follow swiftly after. We also have another exciting announcement to share, but all in due course!”

You can see the photo Cradle Of Filth posted on their Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Cradle Of Filth – Instagram