Cradle of Filth frontman Dani Filth spoke in an interview with Met Al Metal and explained that which one he prefer, Metallica or Megadeth. During this conversation, he criticized Metallica. He said:

“I liked early Megadeth. I lost track of Megadeth during the ’90s. Metallica, yeah, I’m a big fan, but, again – lost track.

I think one of the few albums I ever took back [to the record store after buying them] was ‘St. Anger’. I think there’s only been two albums that have actually gone back to the store.

One of them was Venom’s ‘Metal Black,’ which just dreadful, and the second one was ‘St. Anger’. It was just dreadful. As soon as I heard it, I was, like, ‘This just gives me a headache.’ I don’t know what they were thinking.

I like the new album. But, they’re not very analytical and everything seems to drag on too long. They spend three minutes trying to get back to a point where the song forms again.

They’re not very good at self-editing; that’s why they have these massively long songs. I think that’s down to Lars [Ulrich], ’cause he puts the songs together. And he’s a good drummer, but he’s not the best drummer in the world, to be fair.

‘Death Magnetic’ was really, really desperately trying to be ‘…And Justice For All’. Even the way the songs are set out – like song four has gotta be a little bit like ‘One’, and we have the fast [track] at the end.”

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