Danko Jones trio leader spoke in an interview with “Cobras & Fire” podcast, and revealed his thoughts on Ace Frehley’s problems with current members of KISS. He said that ‘I accepted them easily, but you can’t wear Ace’s makeup. That’s Ace Frehley’s makeup.’

Danko talked about how he was influenced by KISS, and said:

“I did join the Kiss Army when I was six. I got KISS ‘Alive!’ – that was my first rock album. I guess that would be a big deal, especially when KISS wrote me back. That was actually the biggest thing. Once they wrote me back, I kind of became a fan for life, so to speak… I am a fan, but my fandom isn’t blind.

There’s people who will buy everything. Maybe 10 years ago, or even further back, I would have bought stuff that I could [have], anything, but [now], I don’t need it. Once I got the ‘Kisstory’ books, I’m done. That’s all I need, really. I don’t need anything else. What else is there after that? Especially ‘Kisstory I’. Nobody needs ‘Kisstory II’. It’s pretty garbage, but just having those two things, I don’t need anything else.

Plus, I honestly feel [that] with Tommy [Thayer] and Eric [Singer], they’re cool and very capable musicians, but if they’re to join KISS, they have to have their own makeup. That’s a big thing to me. When Eric [Carr] joined and when Vinnie [Vincent] joined, they had their own makeup, and it made sense to me.

I accepted them easily, but you can’t wear Ace’s makeup. That’s Ace Frehley’s makeup. They set the precedent when they made Eric ‘The Fox’. I’m not going by my own rules. These are the rules they set. That’s just how I feel. I’m not into it, man.

The new music is cool, and they can do whatever they want — it’s their band — but I don’t have to be, like, a huge booster like I was growing up, and like I am up until about, I don’t know, ‘Lick It Up’ [and] ‘Asylum’. That’s where I pretty much say, ‘Bye.’ I like ‘Revenge’, but that’s about it.”

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