Danko Jones had a recent interview with Barbara Caserta of Line Rock and revealed that he does not care about lip-sync accusations on KISS legend Paul Stanley.

Here is what Danko said:

“Well, thank you giving me the option to say ‘I don’t care,’ because I don’t. I was gonna lead with that, because it’s not my band — it’s their band — so I don’t care what they do.

To me, they’ve made so many mistakes and so many successes and so many right decisions, but what endears me to KISS is the fact that they can have great success with so many missteps.

And this is a misstep — ‘End Of [The Road]’ tour is a misstep. As far as Paul Stanley using backing tracks, that’s his own business. I know that there’s some singing problems there, but there’s also no performance problems.

He looks great. So there’s that as well. The same situation would happen if he can sing like a bird, but he can’t move around anymore without falling on his butt. That would also be an equal issue. So I don’t care about that.”

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Last week, Paul Stanley had a recent interview with Guitar World, and revealed if he would has been able to accomplish everything what he has right now without Gene Simmons.

Here is his statement:

“I can’t imagine having accomplished a fraction of what I’ve accomplished without Gene. It was clear to me early on that we should be together in spite of whatever differences there are in our personalities.

And let me also say that Gene – perhaps because of his personality and a desire to incite emotions in people – has really not gotten the accolades that he deserves as a bass player.

The fact that he plays what he plays and sings at the same time, and that the roots of his playing are so classic – it’s like Ron Wood when he was with Jeff Beck, or Paul McCartney or Jack Bruce or Felix Pappalardi – he’s just a terrific bass player.

And when he puts his mind to it he’s a terrific songwriter. So I’m well aware that what we created and built together could never have been done by either of us alone. And the older we get, I think the more we covet and cherish that.

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