Last one week there were several speculations on the status of Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff. There were rumors about the break up the band. And it’s done. Denis Stoff break up the Asking Alexandria.

Now, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce has announced that ex-singer Danny Worsnop is officially back in the band. He announced on Facebook and said:

“We have parted ways with Denis, and there are a number of reasons for that, most of which I’m not going to go into detail on.To cut a long story short, we didn’t kick Denis out of the band. He just stopped talking to us.

Over the last few months we’ve rekindled our relationship with Danny. What happened in the past sucked and it hurt us. I’ve said things, Danny has said things. That happens. It was in the past and it was shit, but we’ve been best friends for a decade and that’s why this is the move that’s right for us.”

Here is the full of video.