Asking Alexandria has made a significant vocalist change this year. Danny Worsnop is back. Speaking in an interview made by Metal Wani, Danny talked about returning the band. He said:

They received it very well. I mean, it was incredible — the response from them and the support. I couldn’t have been happier. It was a great experience. It’s always nice to hear a few thousand people chanting your name every night. I didn’t need the ego boost, but it was welcomed.

It was great to be back with the guys. It had been, like, two years since we had spoken, so it was… it was nice. It was like jumping back in, and it was a smooth transition that I’m glad we did. I think we all needed the time apart to gather ourselves and get our respective shit together. And yeah, it’s good to be back together.”

He also talked about his solo album and what will do in the near future:

I’m gonna be touring [in support of the solo album]. I just shot four new music videos, and they’re gonna be coming out. Tour as much as possible. I have two movies coming out this summer, one of which I’m writing all music for, so I’m in the middle of writing that still. There will be a point where I fly out to finish up, which I’m very excited about. We’re ten songs into that already. Then… What’s after that? More touring. Just touring this record as much as possible.”

Danny released his new song “Don’t Overdrink It” 1 week ago. You can listen to it from below.