Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl recently shared two tweets through Foo Fighters’ official Twitter account and posted the teaser of his upcoming TV series From Cradle To Stage while expressing his excitement for getting to work with his mother Virginia in order to shed light on how mothers have inspired their rockstar kids.

Not a day goes by without Dave Grohl making it to the headlines of our news. Over a week ago he had announced the release of his upcoming autobiography which will be available in October. Just some days ago, he released a brand new track Eazy Sleazy‘ with Mick Jagger, and now he announced that he’s going to be the host of a new series.

As you may recall, back in 2017, Dave Grohl’s mother Virginia had published a book named ‘From Cradle To Stage‘ in which she explored how mothers of famous musicians such as Dr. Dre, Michael Stipe, Amy Winehouse, and more, dealt and/or contributed to their child’s stardom.

With his recent tweet through Foo Fighters’ Twitter account, he shared the teaser of From Cradle To Stage and expressed his happiness for getting the chance to be the host of this six-part series on Paramount+. Grohl said that he considers his relationship with his mother highly important as she helped him understand love, which is every ‘artist’s greatest muse.’

Here’s what Dave Grohl said in his first tweet:

“I believe that the relationship between a musician and their mother is so important because it’s the foundation of their understanding of love, which is surely every artist’s greatest muse. Streaming May 6th on the website Paramount Plus.”

This is what he said in the second one:

“Having the opportunity to tell the stories of these amazing women behind the curtain not only shed some light on the music that they inspired, but also made me appreciate the love that I was given from my own mother, my best friend. May 6th on the website of Paramount Plus.”

You can check out the tweets and watch the teaser below and click here to check out Virginia Hanlon Grohl’s book ‘From Cradle to Stage.’