During a recent interview with Guitar World, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and rhythm guitarist Pat Smear talked about the way they work in the band and admitted that there have been multiple times when they decided to quit, but just couldnt resist making music together.

As you probably know, Dave Grohl founded Foo Fighters in 1994, upon the passing of Kurt Cobain. Pat Smear, who was the touring guitarist of Nirvana, was one of the first members to join the band and Foo Fighters released their first album in 1995. Since their formation, they’ve released ten albums which shows that the band really enjoys working together.

In their recent interview, Dave Grohl said that they ‘kind of work this cycle‘ where they go into the studio, record an album, then do some promo for a couple of months, then release the album and start touring for a year and a half. Obviously, this cycle gets very tiring and Grohl admitted that after every tour, the band members promise each other that they won’t work the same cycle again because they’re exhausted.

Grohl said that his wife actually mocks him every time he says that because eventually, he once again starts writing new songs because he can’t stop himself from making music. At this point, Pat Smear chimed in and said that every time that they say they’ll stop and take a break, they end up in the recording studio as they miss each other and ‘making music together.’

Here’s what Dave Grohl said in the interview:

“We kind of work this cycle where we’ll go into the studio and make a record, then we run around playing clubs and doing promo for a couple of months, and then we release the record and tour for a year and a half. By the time we’re finished with that cycle, we’re all exhausted and we promise ourselves well never put each other through that fucking hell ever again.

I say it every fucking time. You should ask my wife. She’s like, ‘I hear it every time – I’m exhausted. I’m never doing this again. This is the last record, blah, blah, blah.'”

Pat Smear chimed in and said:

“We always claim we’re going to take this break and then… we miss it. We miss each other, we miss making music together.”

Grohl continued by saying:

“So within two and a half weeks, I’m demoing shit and sending it to the band.”

And Smear added:

“It’s never more than a few months after we’re home that we’ll get a group text from Dave saying, ‘Hey, I’ve been writing songs…’ Then it’s on.”

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