Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl spoke to Mark Hoppus in his podcast and revealed why it is hard for him to write the band’s setlist.

As you know, Foo Fighters released their disco-themed album ‘Hail Satin’ on July 17, 2021, for the Record Store Day. This year, the band had also released another album titled ‘Medicine At Midnight’ on February 5, 2021. With ‘Hail Satin,’ Foo Fighters introduced their new alter ego called Dee Gees and covered several Bee Gees songs.

The band also released a new music video for the Bee Gee’s cover, ‘You Should Be Dancing,’ just before the release of ‘Hail Satin.’ Since its release, the album has received positive reviews in general and found its place in the charts.

Speaking to Mark Hoppus in his podcast After School Radio, Dave Grohl talked about Foo Fighters’ new album, their return to the road, and the process of writing a setlist for the band. He told Hoppus that it’s hard to write a setlist because it is hard to represent every era of the band and put it all together. Grohl then revealed they are going to play ‘Everlong’ no matter what happens with the setlist.

Dave Grohl told Hoppus in the podcast that:

It’s just hard to write a setlist. Actually, when we were rehearsing, we had these dry erase boards and charts and like, ‘Here are these songs, these are the singles, and these are the deep cuts, and these are the new ones, and these are the covers.’ It was hard to put it all together.

You want to represent every era of the band because there are more than a few, but you want to make a setlist that’s like a rollercoaster, goes up and down. And it’s hard. I know that we have to play ‘Everlong,’ that’s it. Everything else is like, ​’Whatever.'”

Foo Fighters are currently celebrating their 26th anniversary after their canceled 25th Anniversary Tour in 2020 due to the pandemic. They are heading to Alaska for their following three shows and will perform there between August 17 and 19. The band also has other dates booked throughout the fall.