Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl spoke to Waterstones and told the story of how he surprised The Beatles icon Paul McCartney and AC/DC members with a jazz band while they were having dinner together.

As you probably know, Dave Grohl released his new autobiography entitled ‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’on October 4, 2021. His memoir is based on Grohl’s musical journey from being the drummer of a local grunge band, which turned into the world-famous band Nirvana, to becoming the founder of Foo Fighters. Also, it includes his extraordinary adventures featuring famous rock stars.

During his recent interview, Grohl shared one of his stories, revealing that he once got the chance to have dinner with Paul McCartney and the AC/DC members after the Grammys. Then, the Preservation Hall, which is a New Orleans jazz band, wanted to join them in their own way. They marched through the streets and entered the restaurant playing their instruments.

Of course, both McCartney and the AC/DC members were very surprised and happy with this performance and started dancing. Dave Grohl defined this moment as unreal and highlighted he still can’t believe that he danced with them while his favorite jazz band was playing. Therefore, Grohl wanted to share this memory with his fans in his new biography.

Grohl said in his interview that:

“There was one year where I was asked to present an award at the Grammys not to perform, just to present. I kind of hate those after-parties where it’s like the music industry and people wanting selfies and stuff. I was just like ‘Let’s just go, just go have dinner.’ So I called Pat, our guitarist, and our drummer Taylor. I said ‘Hey! Why don’t we like to get the wives and we’ll go to a nice restaurant? So we book a table.

Paul McCartney was coming to town, and when he comes to Los Angeles, we usually say hello and have dinner. His wife texted my wife and said, ‘What are you doing after the Grammys?’ She said, ‘We’re going to go to this restaurant,’ and Nancy said, ‘Do you mind if we tag along?’ So, my wife texts me, and she says, ‘Do you mind if Paul and Nancy come to the dinner?’ I’m like, ‘That’ll be great. This will be fun.’

We’ve got four couples then Paul bumps into AC/DC in the lobby of the hotel or in the gym or something like that. They say, ‘Well what are you doing after the show?’ Because AC/DC was performing and Paul said ‘We’re going to dinner with Foo Fighters guys. Do you wanna come?’ Then I get a text from my wife, and she says, ‘Do you mind if AC/DC comes to dinner?’ Now, this was huge to me because I really was a huge AC/DC fan when I was young.

The thing about AC/DC is you never see them unless they’re on stage. It’s not like you see them walking the carpet at a movie premiere. It’s like the only time you see them there are like walls of amplifiers and cannons, explosions. To see them in the flesh, offstage, in the wild. I was like ‘This gonna be amazing.’ It blew my mind, it was such a huge deal.”

He continued the story as follows:

“I was a huge fan, and I really influenced by them when I was young. They had a tour film called ‘Let There Be Rock’ and this is the first time I saw a rock and roll band with like no frills just a few lights on stage. Then my friend Ben Jaffe from the Preservation Hall jazz band which is a New Orleans swing band, legendary says ‘What are you doing after the show?’ I’m like ‘Oh my god! Ben, I’m having dinner with McCartney and AC/DC, you gotta come.’

He says ‘Can I bring the whole band with me?’ There are like 10 of these guys and they march like a marching band down the streets like in a parade. It’s my favorite type of music. I love New Orleans jazz so much. I said, ‘Let me see if I can get a bigger table’ and I booked the backroom. They said ‘If you want, we’ll march down the street through the restaurant into the room playing.

I was like ‘This is going to be the greatest night of my life so we kept it a secret. We didn’t tall anyone and we’re all hanging out in this backroom with AC/DC and Paul and we’re sort of sitting there. Then you could hear the music coming down the street. It’s loud, it’s tubas, trombones, trumpets coming through the restaurants into the room. Everybody’s face is like ‘What is going on right now?’

I got to swing dance with AC/DC. I was insane. By the end of the night, I honestly, as with a lot of stories in this book, it felt like this must be happening to someone else. It’s like having an out-of-body experience. I can’t believe this is my life, this is happening to me because I surely don’t consider myself in the like lofty god-like ranks and status of Paul or AC/DC.

I still feel like a kid on my bedroom floor, but here I’m like, you know, getting high with the New Orleans jazz band and drinking whiskies with AC/DC while Paul’s dancing behind me. It’s like this awesome. It never grows old.”

You can watch the interview below.