Foo Fighters and Nirvana icon Dave Grohl has shared his emotions about his first met with the legendary guitarist of Pantera, Dimebag Darrell, during the talk with Yahoo.

In the conversation, Dave Grohl admitted that they were all fans of the Pantera and meeting with Dimebag Darrel was so crazy, because he was so obsessed with them.

Also, Dave mentioned the bands should have to make sure the fans are included in the show and said that Pantera’s connection with the audience was unreal.

Dave about the Pantera:

“I remember we were all fans of Pantera, and we would watch those, Pantera home videos, and we’d think, “Dude, my God, that band is just like the people that love that band.” And you’re watching them like, “Man, so much fun, holy s–t.” And it seemed like the connection that they have with the audience was…”

Yahoo asked:

“Dave, what do you remember about first meeting Darrell?”

Dave Grohl replied:

“It was crazy because, at one point, we were so obsessed with those f–king home videos that you even felt like you knew the crew. … The way that the Foo Fighters work and run our organization has a lot to do with what we learned from the Pantera camp. You want to host a party, you want to make sure that everybody’s having a good time backstage. You want to be a great band, you want to make sure everyone has a drink. You want to make sure that the fans are included”

Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney added:

“It’s all about hospitality.”

Dave Grohl said:

“Yeah. And they really set the bar super high for every band. We really felt like that. They were the f–king coolest.”

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