The drummer of Nirvana and the founder of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl recalled the tough times he underwent when the legendary musician Kurt Cobain passed away in 1994.

During an interview made by the Apple Music, Dave Grohl explained what he felt with the death of Cobain at that time and how he dealt with the happenings in such a grieving process. Grohl revealed the shock he and the other band member Krist Novoselic felt after losing their beloved friend.

As you might recall, the legend Kurt Cobain passed away on April 8, 1994. He was found dead at his home in Seattle at the age of 27. According to the police department, Cobain attempted suicide and a note was found near his body.

Here is what Dave Grohl said about Kurt:

“After Kurt passed away, there was a period of everyone just hiding from the world and our whole world was turned upside down.

So there was grief, there was mourning. We all rallied together. I remember hanging out with [bassist] Krist Novoselic and the two of us making sure that we were OK.”

Dave Grohl also talked about how the passing of Kurt Cobain affected his bond with the music in general terms and continued:

“And then I did a little bit of traveling. I remember going – I took a trip to the UK. I don’t know, I just did a lot of driving around and thinking.

And eventually, I started getting calls from people to ask if I wanted to play drums with them or join another band, and I just didn’t see that happening at the time.

And I’d always come home from tours and recorded songs by myself, but that feeling was gone. I didn’t really want to write or even listen to music, much less join a band and play in one.”

After his internal fight about whether to keep going or not to make music, Grohl admitted that he realized the necessity to recover himself. He said:

“So it was strange – when your life is just pulled out from under you like that. I don’t think anyone really thought much about what came next.

You were stuck in that moment. So eventually, I just pulled myself off the couch and thought, ‘OK, I’ve always loved playing music and I’ve always loved writing and recording songs for myself. So I feel like I need to do that just for myself.'”

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