Former Nirvana, current Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl had a new interview with The Guardian and responded to claims that Nirvana’s iconic song Smells Like Teen Spirit’s arrangement was stolen from a Rick Astley song named “Never Gonna Give You”.

Here is his statement:

“Nothing changed my life like Smells Like Teen Spirit. Let me tell you something, the day Foo Fighters learned how to play Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, I realized that the arrangement is exactly the same! Kurt [Cobain] had a beautiful grasp of songwriting in its simplicity and depth.”

Dave continued:

“We spoke to each other in the rehearsal room at volume 10 as we were playing. I knew when the verse was coming because I could see Kurt’s foot getting close to turning off the distortion pedal.

We would watch each other’s body language and the song built into this crescendo, then exploded.”

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