Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl spoke in a recent interview which was revealed by Alternative Nation, and shared the story of his first audition for Nirvana.

Here’s the story:

“They had a record that came out called ‘Bleach’ – came out in, I think, 1988 or 1989, before I was in the band. I’m not the original drummer.

But they had songs. They had this song called ‘About a Girl.’ And ‘About a Girl’ was, basically, it was like – it was like a Beatles song. It was two and a half minutes long and the melody was beautiful and the rest of their songs were like – [screams], but then they had this beautiful thing.

So it was clear, like, ‘Wow, that dude could actually write songs.’ Everybody loved Nirvana. Nobody knew anything about who they were or what their deal was but fuck, I loved Nirvana. They were cool as shit. That record was amazing and I played it all the time.”

A year ago, Dave shared another story about the time when he was joining Nirvana. Here:

“I remember getting off the plane, and Krist [Novoselic] and Kurt [Cobain] meeting me at baggage claim. It was like having Children of the Corn pick you up from the airport. When I came up to Seattle, Nirvana was doing a show with another drummer.

I get there to this Nirvana show, there’s 1,200 people, and maybe 15 of them looked like they were punk rockers. The rest were trailer park kids with greasy long hair wearing clothes they bought at Frey Myers and Salvation Army.

They wore flannels… I still dress like the kids I saw at the gig that night. It already felt like there was some sort of movement, but it was unintentional. These people just gathered, or were drawn to this thing, because it just sounded like they felt. The energy was different than anything I’d ever seen. That was my first day in Seattle.

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