Uproxx editor Zak Johnston has released the new article -or memoir- about his barbecue party with former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

The article contains a untold story about Dave Grohl and his Nirvana times… Uproxx’s post revealed that what Grohl did when Nirvana became famous. Here’s the statement:

“So when Nirvana became popular, the first thing I did was buy a beach house in North Carolina and I just spent years there. I ate pulled pork fuckin’ from the time I was 22 ’til about 25-years-old.”

Click here to entire article written by Uproxx.

In another interview, Dave Grohl explained his thoughts about playing with AC/DC.

Interviewer said “what band he would still like to drum for” and Dave responded :

AC/DC. That’s my last one, that’s it. Phil Rudd is back though. If you dive back into their back catalog, that early sh*t, there was a little bit more dynamic, then they settled into the groove.

That’s the thing. And it’s because of Phil Rudd. It’s AC/DC, but that guy holds the key.”