Former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had a recent live interview and revealed the times that he had no money and why he was about the sell his music equipment to find food for his bandmates.

Here is his statement:

“At the time there was like, major label interest which, I mean I just wanted to not have to sell equipment for food. And that was like where we were at. And we got a record deal and we just wanted to be Sonic Youth, is really what we wanted to be.

We just wanted to be able to play to 500 people a night and have an apartment and go play at shows. And then, something else happened to the band. And it just got really big, really fast. Which is weird when you’re a kid, you know.

I was 22 I think at that time, it was a long time ago. You have to be really careful when that kind of thing happens because it can get really difficult, which it did for Kurt Cobain, unfortunately.”

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