Speaking in an interview by The Jasta Show, the legendary drummer Dave Lombardo said there is no point in getting to the stage as long as you do your favorite music. He said:

“I believe that the size of your band doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy 100%. I feel that if you love music, it doesn’t matter where you play. I’ll play the fucking dingiest, fucking underground club in London.

There’s the place that I’ve played a couple times… Underworld! There’s a place in Brooklyn, or somewhere, I’ve played. It’s like… It’s just a total dive bar!

It’s fun. It doesn’t matter where you play. I love playing the small clubs, and I’ll play the big stages. It doesn’t matter! What matters to me is that I’m doing what I love.

I love playing drums and it doesn’t matter. I could be at my own garage, or in my friend’s garage with a couple of dudes drinking beers and hanging out.

I’m lovin’ it, so I totally agree. And if I don’t have a band, I’ll do a fuckin’ drum clinic. I’ll play by myself!”

Good talk. You can reach the entire interview from here.