Testament drummer Dave Lombardo recently gave an interview to Loudwire and revealed his favorite album in Testament‘s music catalog.

In 1988 when Gene Hoglan left Testament to join Strapping Young Lad, the band decided to recruit Dave Lombardo as his replacement. With him, they recorded their eighth studio album titled ‘The Gathering’ and released it on June 8, 1999. Following the album’s release, Lombardo decided to leave the band to focus on his music career.

After his departure, Testament recruited several drummers and eventually reunited with Gene Hoglan. However, Hoglan also left the band for the same reason as Lombardo earlier this year. Testament then ended up recruiting Lombardo as their drummer. Currently, the band is planning to continue their The Bay Strikes Tour on April 9, 2022, with Lombardo’s addition.

Recently, Loudwire’s Joe DiVita asked Lombardo to name his favorite Testament songs after their 1999 ‘The Gathering.’ As a response, Lombardo said the 2020 album ‘Titans Of Creation’ is phenomenal, and he was blown away by the band’s progress.

Following that, Lombardo said the songs that appear in ‘Titans Of Creation’ are heavy and powerful. He then added that he is happy to be back with Testament, and the first song they are rehearsing is ‘The Pale King’ from 2016’s ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake.’

In the interview, Loudwire‘s Joe DiVita asked Dave Lombardo the following:

“Dave, do you have any favorite Testament songs that came out after ‘The Gathering’?”

Lombardo responded:

“This new album [‘Titans of Creation’] is phenomenal. I had to dive into it and listen to some of the songs to learn them, and it blows me away how the band has evolved, and they continue to recreate themselves.

The songs are heavy and powerful. The first song we’re playing in rehearsal is ‘The Pale King.’ Everything is on point, and I’m really happy to be back with these guys.”

Testament released their latest studio album ‘Titans Of Creation’ on April 3, 2020. Following the release, the album generally received positive views from critics. As of now, the band is planning to record new material with Dave Lombardo.