Dave Mustaine from Megadeth spoke about country music in an interview with Q104.3. As you know his daughter Electra is a country music vocalist. For this reason, Dave Mustaine has a chance to meet many country music guitarists.

According to Dave, many country guitarists are turning to country music because they can not technically play metal. He said:

“Metal guys, they’re pretty advanced with their playing. And when you watch country players, a lot of times they’re metal players that couldn’t get a gig so they settled for country. Every single [country] band that I’ve met, any of the guitar players are like, ‘Oh man, I’m a huge fan of yours!’ It’s like, ‘What?

Some of the performers too, they’re big fans, they love metal music. I’m excited about that because I like their music; it’s not the music I would want to have with me on a desert island because I’m a metal guy, but I totally appreciate and respect the music.

And my daughter’s pursuing a country music career in Nashville, she’s very successful. I’ve met a lot of these people. The guy who produced couple of our biggest records [1997’s ‘Cryptic Writings’ and 1999’s ‘Risk’] – Dann Huff – just won Producer of the Year this year for the CMTs [fan-voted awards show for country music videos and television performances hosted since 1967].”

You can listen to “I Thought I Knew It All”, one of Electra’s songs, from below. Click here to reach entire interview.