During a recent appearance on Loudwire, Megadeth lead vocalist Dave Mustaine reflected both on Megadeth’s new album, upcoming tour, and also his battle with cancer. He stated that it was not easy to accept the disease in the first place.

As you may remember, back in 2019, Dave Mustaine announced from the band’s social media accounts that he had been officially diagnosed with throat cancer. His heartbreaking announcement deeply saddened the music world and Megadeth fans. They sent their messages to support him and wished him a quick recovery.

Fortunately, Mustaine told the good news to everyone more petite than a year later that he had won his battle against cancer, and he is cancer-free now. He received 51 radiation treatments and nine chemo treatments to get rid of it, but he finally felt better. Following the recovery, the singer immediately returned to the studio to record the new Megadeth album, which will be released this summer.

During the conversation with Loudwire, Dave Mustaine reflected on this challenging process and said that he did everything to heal as quickly as possible.

Here are Dave Mustaine’s statements on his recovery process:

“I tried to heal as quick as possible. I’ve been cancer-free for two and a half years now. When it happened, part of me was like ‘No, I don’t have f*cking cancer, you’re kidding’ but I certainly did, and I worked really hard to get rid of it and I did as much as I could possibly physically training. I wasn’t down with going and lifting weights and everything like that but as much as I could do anything else, that was exercise.

That appealed to me I was trying and right now I feel healthier than I’ve felt since I was diagnosed. I believe I’ve got a lot of grace in this area and I believe I’m gonna get better. I think my singing has improved and I think that’s gonna get way better too because I want it now. Before I felt like I deserved it, now whether I deserve it or not, I f*cking want it, I want to play, I want to go out and just shred on my guitar and people go ‘I can’t believe that he is alive and doing that.’

You can listen to the full interview below.