Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine recently recalled in an interview on Gibson’s YouTube channel the first time he considered singing and how painful it was for him to make this decision.

Mustaine started his career in the metal scene as the lead guitarist of Metallica, but after he was fired from the band, he decided to form Megadeth. It was a struggle for Dave and his bandmates to establish the band in the beginning. They had a lot of financial difficulties, and they were also struggling to find a suitable vocalist.

The band’s then drummer Gar Samuelson suggested that Mustaine should try to sing and become the vocalist. The guitarist didn’t hesitate and went up on stage to sing. According to the now-frontman, it was a painful experience as he didn’t know how to control his breath. He stated that he had to forget how to breathe to be able to sing and not suffocate.

Here is what he said about his first singing experience:

“For some reason, Gar spoke up and said, ‘Why don’t you try singing?’ And I probably should’ve said ‘Why don’t you instead?’, but I didn’t. I stepped up to the microphone, and I sang the first song. And it hurt, it actually was very painful to me because I didn’t know how to breathe properly, so I was yelling the whole time, and as fast as I could get another breath in, as fast as I could get it out, because I wasn’t able to finish what I was saying, I was continuing to exhale long past it was time for me to start inhaling again.

So I’m trying to unteach myself how to breathe while I’m singing, I’m suffocating myself at the same time, I’m kind of drowning on my own breath, and that’s supposed to be fun. When the song was over, I said, ‘It feels like I just had a nail hammered through my eyeball.’

You can watch the full interview below.

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