In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian talked about the current state of heavy metal.

Scott Ian said:

“Well, it’s good! We’re still out, we’re making records, we’re selling tickets, we’re having fun in so many ways. In some ways, nothing has changed from 30-something years ago because we’re still doing the same thing and playing a lot of the same songs. The only thing that’s changed is that the audience has got a lot younger!”

Dave added:

“I agree with Scott that the audience is younger, perception-wise, but for me, the spirit in our bands is still very young. We love playing this music, because we love that interaction with the fans.”

Interviewer asked ‘out of all metal’s subgenres, thrash has survived in its purest form. Why?’, Dave responded:

“I think that a lot of times, when you look at most thrash tuff, it depends on who the person is that’s listening. If I’m listening to it now, it’s a completely different paradigm shift to someone who’s considerably younger than I am.”

Scott Ian added:

“What we started back then with all these other bands, I just think the reason why it’s lasted so long, generation after generation, is because we created something great. We really left a mark. It didn’t just disappear. It wasn’t a trend. It wasn’t a fad. It’s music. It’s a branch on the tree of metal that just keeps growing. I mean, we did something really good back then, you know?”

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