Megadeth announced that James LoMenzo would be the band’s permanent bassist on its official Instagram account. The vocalist Dave Mustaine confirmed this in the post and expressed his excitement.

Like many other bands, Megadeth has encountered many lineup changes since the earlier days of its career. James LoMenzo first joined the band as a touring bassist in 2006. In addition to hitting the road with the band, LoMenzo recorded 2007’s ‘United Abominations’ and the 2009 album called ‘Endgame.’

Later on, David Ellefson rejoined the band for the Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour in 2010 until his departure because of the accusations of sexual misconduct. Then James LoMenzo again became the touring bassist of the band in 2021 following the Ellefson’s dismissal.

Recently, Megadeth’s official Instagram page announced that LoMenzo would be the band’s permanent bassist. Dave Mustaine confirmed LoMenzo’s part and shared his excitement about his permanency in the group. Mustaine stated that after LoMenzo rejoined as the touring bassist, they decided it was great to work with him and thought it would be fantastic to have him permanent.

Dave Mustaine said in Megadeth’s Instagram post:

“I am thrilled to welcome back James to the Megadeth family. James rejoined the fold as the touring bassist, and it’s been a blast having him back; we thought let’s make it permanent.”

James LoMenzo also expressed excitement about his permanent participation in Megadeth and the band’s plans. He mentioned that he felt like returning home.

LoMenzo said:

“I’m so excited to rejoin Megadeth and move forward full steam into the next phase of this iconic band’s history! With Dave, Kiko and Dirk, there’s no stopping us! It just feels great to be home again.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Megadeth – Instagram