During the interview on Sirius Radio, Dave Mustaine announced that Steve DiGiorgio, who worked with the bands like Testament, Death, and suddenly Sadus, will be the bassist for Megadeth’s next album.

Last year, David Ellefson’s explicit conversations with a woman initially known as an underage girl shook the rock world. Therefore, Ellefson was accused of being a pedophile. Although he clarified that she wasn’t a teenager, there was still a problem because Ellefson was married to Julie Foley during that period.

Ellefson was fired from Megadeth because of this issue, and the band was working on their sixteenth album at that time. The band members announced that they would re-record the album without the contributions of Ellefson.

The fans have been trying to find out who will be the bassist for the new album. Previously, a Spanish-based Twitter fan account predicted that he would be Steve DiGiorgio by finding clues from the photo Megadeth shared. However, it was not approved by any members of the band.

In a recent interview, Dave Mustaine stated that they had to decide who would be the next bassist after a strange incident. Mustaine announced Testament’s Steve DiGiorgio as the bassist for the album by mentioning him as the perfect fit for them. DiGiorgio will not be a member of the band; he will play the bass parts of Megadeth’s upcoming album ‘The Sick, The Dying, and The Dead.’

Dave Mustaine’s statement on the new bassist is as follows:

“We obviously had that weird little… Well, it wasn’t little, but we had something happen that we needed to make a decision on, and it set us back a little bit timing-wise because we needed to recalibrate and find someone to perform the bass parts, and we found who I thought was the perfect fit for us while I decided what to do. Do you know who it was? It was Steve DiGiorgio. You’re the first person I told.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.