Megadeth lead vocalist Dave Mustaine spoke to Forbes and shared important details about the band’s upcoming album along with its release date. Also, he explained the reason behind the delay.

As you may recall, Megadeth revealed that they had started working on their 16th studio album entitled ‘The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!’ over a year ago since it was supposed to be released in 2021. However, the recording and producing sessions were interrupted due to the bassist David Ellefson’s leaked sex video.

After the video went public, Ellefson was accused of abusing an underage girl, and Mustaine announced the bassist’s departure. However, the basses were already recorded for the new album, and Mustaine revealed that they would find a new bassist to replace Ellefson in the album.

In one of his Cameo videos, Mustaine gave the good news saying that they found the new bassist without revealing his identity, and noted that the album was almost ready. However, during his recent interview, the singer said the new album will be released later than expected because of a distribution and production problem, especially about vinyl. He didn’t give more details about the delay, but it can be said that they will probably hit the road when it is released.

Mustaine stated in his interview that:

“No. This is wrapping up the remainder of last year, but I know that our actual official record release date had gotten moved back again with all of the distribution stuff, and all of these issues with getting the product from one place to the next with record plants making vinyl.

We’re not reliant on vinyl so much but just the whole process has been delayed, so it’s just gotten moved back again. We’re going to be doing, I believe at the time I’m not sure, but I believe at the time when the record comes out this summer we’ll be on a tour that we’re going to be announcing, but I can’t really get into that right now because I don’t know for sure the dates.”

Megadeth announced their new tour Metal Tour of the Year, co-headlining with Lamb of God. Furthermore, Trivium and In Flames will join them as supporting bands. It will start on April 9, 2022, in Las Vegas and end on May 15, 2022, in Allentown.

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