On Twitter, Megadeth frontman and co-founder Dave Mustaine shared a video to announce an event of his brand, Megadeth Beer, that he would be welcoming fans for a happy hour and he looked better than ever.

The heavy metal legends have also been known for their interest in creating their exclusive alcohol brands. Metallica also launched their own whiskey brand named ‘Blackened‘ that as a finish they were using ‘Black Noise’ that gives the band’s song-determined frequencies to disrupt the whiskey inside the barrel.

Dave Mustaine created his exclusive beer brand named Megadeth Beer in a partnership Unibroque. Megadeth Beer has different sorts of unique beers which Dave himself often promotes.

Recently on Twitter, Dave Mustaine shared a video to announce an upcoming event of Megadeth Beer. As you will see in the video below, Dave seems to be having a new look with his black glasses. According to his announcement, Dave would be welcoming his fans for an exclusive virtual happy hour on Megadeth Beer’s Instagram account on July 24th at 5 pm CT.

Furthermore, Dave Mustaine wanted fans to join the virtual happy hour with their favorite Megadeth Beer. He stated that he would also choose several fans and send them some giveaway items.

Here’s what Dave Mustaine stated in his recent video:

“Hey! It’s Dave Mustaine and I want to invite all of you to join me and my family for a virtual Megadeth Beer happy hour live on our Megadeth Beer Instagram tomorrow at 5 pm CT.

Join us with your favorite Megadeth Beer on your hand and we will be picking several fans to send super cool giveaway items. So until then, see you soon.”

You can watch the video Dave Mustaine posted on Twitter below.