Dave Mustaine confirmed the name of the forthcoming Megadeth album during a recent appearance on his Cameo post.

Compared to the other musicians, Mustaine barely uses his social media accounts and has had only a few interactions with his followers. However, he decided to change this by making a new announcement earlier this month.

In the announcement, Mustaine revealed that he has partnered with Cameo, which is a platform in which celebrities can interact with their fans and followers, who can ask anything they want in exchange for money.

Prior to the release of the upcoming Megadeth album, the metal scene was shocked due to bassist David Ellefson’s sex scandal. Following the huge incident, Dave Mustaine decided to fire Ellefson.

During his Cameo sessions, Mustaine shared some of the sneaks peeks of their new bass guitarist and confirmed that he actually finished his recordings on the album. Unfortunately, the frontman hasn’t revealed his identity yet.

Since then, Mustaine has been leaking information about the forthcoming Megadeth album from their studio, and recently, the frontman pointed out thatThe Sick, The Dying And The Dead’ will be the new name of the album.

Dave Mustaine on the upcoming Megadeth album:

“If you listen real closely, you can hear in the background… There’s the Pro Tools rig with the new album, doing a rough mix, and you’re getting to hear a little bit of it in the background… This is the beginning of the song ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead‘, which is our title track.”

Nevertheless, Megadeth didn’t officially confirm the name of the album. This also means that they may change the name of the record if they want to before its official release, the date of which hasn’t been announced yet.