Megadeth’s iconic guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview with uDiscover and explained the biggest problem for guitarists.

First, he talked about rival bands and guitarists in the early years of Megadeth. He said:

“When we started, even the rehearsal room in the complex we were in – Abattoir was in there, there was a really cool band called Bloodlust in there. We were all trying to see who is the big daddy.”

Then he pointed out the biggest problem of guitarists and said:

“There were a lot of other guys when we started that were really shredding – real great players.

The biggest problem probably was – guitar players, when they get to a certain level, they take a fork in the road, they either go for super-exotic skills and production and go off into Danny Elfman land, or they just focus on the shred and lose sight of even how to write a song.”

Click here to entire interview. Also you can listen that some of the Dave’s mentioned bands from below.