Megadeth frontman spoke in an interview with video game platform IGN and explained the interesting connection between video games and metal music. He said:

“They need each other and they just can’t help it. They’re just… It’s like they are drug addicts that are addicted to each other – metal and games.

Metal music makes people salivate, it makes them happy. It gives them what they want. When they’re mad, they don’t go and put on a Beatles track. When they want to get in their car and drive fast, they don’t put on Pet Shop Boys.

It’s metal that feeds that fire, that unquenchable thirst. And when you’re playing a video game, I think if you’re not capturing the moment musically with the intensity of the game, people are gonna drift off to sleep.

You need something that’s gonna keep people enrapt and a really good riff will keep people excited.”

You can watch the entire interview below.