Founder of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine, talked about how throat cancer affected his musical career in an interview with Full Metal Jackie’s radio program.

In 2019, Dave Mustaine announced that he was diagnosed with throat cancer. Besides the band members, fans worldwide supported him throughout this time. He received many radiation treatments to overcome the worrying disease.

One year later, Dave declared that he had beat cancer. He began to work with Megadeth members for the upcoming album. As the musician explained in the previous conversations, he could not believe having cancer when he first heard about it. Mustaine stated that he did everything to become healthy again in a short time.

When Dave was asked in a recent conversation how he acted carefully on stage not to damage his throat, he mentioned his diet to control the effects of foods on his body. However, he has not complained about it because he is now happy to be cancer-free.

Dave stated that he has been so thankful for the people who tolerate him during these challenging times. As the rocker explained, this experience made him think more about his life than the stage.

As reported by Loudwire, Mustaine explained:

“There’s a diet, the food sources and liquids, and how they affect my blood and my blood sugar, but I’ve never really worried too much about that because I kind of have just gone out there and screamed my point across. I’m cancer-free now, thank God. I just went and saw my radiologist, and he told me October was the month that they had said that I was cancer-free. So I’m coming up on, I think, three years now.

I don’t even think about it anymore. It was something that made me take into consideration life in general, not so much what I get to do on stage, but just how much I really appreciate the people around me. How much do I have a capacity in my heart to tolerate people that get on my nerves? Am I going to send somebody away mad at each other and never see them again?”

Although having throat cancer was a complicated process for Dave Mustaine, it raised awareness in him. He expressed his happiness to overcome cancer by thanking all people who helped him and encouraging people to take their check-ups.