Megadeth frontman and former Metallica guitarist, Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview with Metal Hammer and revealed unheard detail about his friendship with James Hetfield when he is in Metallica. He said:

“Being really really upset with Chris Poland and [producer] Jason Jones for blowing half of our recording budget before the session even started, and then having to finish the record with a guy called name Karat Faye who was quite eccentric.

I won’t give you the bloody details, but it was a really strange experience being in the studio. They told us they had lockers, ammunition boxes full of dope hidden in the fields out around the studio because it used to be The Moody Blues’ studio, and legend has it that the guys got so high they just hid dope out around the studio.

I’m sure at some point somebody thought about getting a metal detector and going out there looking for that stuff. [Laughs]”

On his friendship with James Hetfield, he said:

“It was really exciting on the other hand too, because I was doing something that I was in charge of. I did something that I love. Being part of Metallica, James [Hetfield] and I were so close too, he lived with me in my mom’s teeny apartment for god’s sakes, so when it all went down, there was gonna be a lot of feelings, and my thought was to take it out on this damn guitar here.

I started trying to do things on my guitar that I’d never done before. I really really wanted to push it when I did ‘Killing Is My Business.’

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