Dave Mustaine has been increasing the prices on his official Cameo page day by day, and he didn’t make any announcement about it neither on Twitter or Instagram.

About a week ago, Mustaine announced his collaboration with Cameo, which allows his followers to ask questions to him while paying money for it. In the first day of the announcement, the price was sitting on the $150.

After a short period, the iconic frontman raised the fee to $200. Two days ago, the price of asking a request or question to Mustaine was raised to $250. About four days ago, the price was $300.

Unfortunately, Mustaine decided to increase the price once again and now it is sitting on $350 per one Cameo request. However, it is mostly feared that the price will continue increasing.

These price updates might be the result of the high attention of his followers, or might be related to the fee taken by Cameo, which is about 25%. In either way, it is clear to see that this is bad news for the Megadeth fans.

Recently, Megadeth also confirmed that there are lots of people who are using the Cameo to connect with Dave Mustaine and revealed that there are only few Cameos avaible for this week.

Megadeth wrote:

“Heads up! Just a few cameos still available before they sell out for the week!”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram