Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview with Loudwire and explained his thoughts on collaboration with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

A week ago, Slash said:

“I haven’t ever talked to him about it. He’s pretty prolific in doing his Megadeth records the way that he does them. I don’t see myself guesting on a Megadeth song. I don’t think it would work in the context of what Megadeth does, but maybe Dave on one of my things – I don’t know.”

And today, Dave Mustained said:

“Slash is a terrific talent and I disagree wholeheartedly with what he said: that he couldn’t play on a Megadeth record. He’s a brilliant guitar player. I basically play in the pentatonic scale and that’s like the go-to blues player scale.”

We will see what happens. Maybe Slash will record a new song with Megadeth.

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