In a recent interview with Dave Mustaine, he revealed the unheard story about how they wrote and recorded their legendary album “Rust In Peace” with Marty Friedman. He said:

“Megadeth growing up… ‘Rust in Peace’ was kind of like where we started to grow our mustaches – little boys who started to feel like men. It was such an amazing feeling watching people… they didn’t know what they were experiencing. Writing this record… I sometimes think, ‘How the hell did I write this?!’. [Chuckles]

The scope and the grandeur of the arrangements is something that I truly believe is beyond the scope of my little brain. And the playing is so… the caliber is so high that I believe that if I was left on my own, I probably wouldn’t have challenged myself so much. But you have to add in the secret weapon – Marty Friedman came into the band. When we auditioned him, his little CDs [were] on the table. I looked at it and Marty had black hair to here [around eye level] and orange hair down to here [around chest level].

I thought, ‘He looks like a piece of Halloween candy…’. I just thought it was goofy-looking, so I kept looking, kept looking, kept looking and I finally got mad and I said, ‘OK! Put that [CD] in there!’

And he puts it in and I went *shocked face*, ‘That guy wants to play with us?’. He says, ‘Oh yeah.’ I said, ‘Get him down here.’ So we’re playing along, the solo comes up, and he [Marty] goes over there and I was like… *shocked face again* because… he did it… and no one was able to do that.

We set out to make this record, and everybody that came in and listened to it walked out going just, ‘Oh my god, this is gonna be a huge record.’ And it was. It didn’t sell as much as [1992 follow-up] ‘Countdown to Extinction,’ but it was one of those records that… people can’t touch ‘Rust in Peace.’

It’s one of those records you just can’t touch. It’s so fantastic for us. It feels like we’re just starting over with all the excitement, but yet we have all of the inertia from all of the years of good work. There was a period where it was euphoric. It was so bizarre.

I can remember, to this day, clear as a bell, that feeling when you know… ‘Finally. Finally, we made a record that hasn’t been influenced by revenge or anger. It was something that we did ’cause we loved to play together.”

You can watch the interview from below.