Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview made by KATT Rock and told his thoughts about Meshuggah. He said:

They’re really exciting. It’s not even because the drumming is so complicated – really it’s just 4/4 timing the majority of the time.

But the way the songs are and how unique they are, they take on a characteristic of their own.

You could so easily get lost trying to follow. What do they call that – algebra metal or something like that? [Chuckles] All these timings and stuff like that.

You know, the stuff I listened to growing up, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, it was straightforward riffing like AC/DC.

And then going into Priest and Maiden and then getting into heavier stuff – Motorhead, Diamond Head, Mercyful Fate – everything was straightforward.

So having a tour like this [Megadeth, Meshuggah, Tesseract, Lillake] where we have these young exciting bands – it’s always really entertaining because I get to see stuff I never would have been compelled to pick up in a record store.

It opens my mind a lot. I remember the first time I took out this really great band called The Dillinger Escape Plan. I couldn’t understand it, but I just knew they were really exciting.

It’s the stuff you don’t understand you most often miss out on. I wanted to understand so we took ’em out on Gigantour. It was a great experience, I thought they were terrific. And that was my introduction to that type of crazy, cerebral metal.”

You can reach the entire interview from here.

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