Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s vocalist and guitarist, recently announced on a Cameo video that their new album is coming very soon while celebrating a fan’s birthday.

Megadeth has released 15 studio albums since its formation in 1983 with which they reached a lot of success. The band is considered to be one of the ‘big four’ metal bands along with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax all of which created and developed thrash metal as a genre and made it popular today.

The metal icons hadn’t released an album since 2016 but apparently they decided to do a comeback this year with a new record named ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead.’ The release date is not certain yet but Mustaine said in a recent video message on Cameo that it isn’t too long until the new album comes out.

Here is how he revealed that the album is almost here:

The record is almost done if you can believe that. I’m just listening to the last little bits right now. Kiko’s stuff is all done. We should be turning this in any day now. We’ve been turning in individual songs, and right now it’s down to just approving the last couple of songs. So, keep your fingers crossed and hold your breath. It won’t be long till there’s a new Megadeth record.

The band recently had a fallout with their bassist, David Ellefson, as he was accused of being a pedophile and the band fired him on May 19, 2021. Mustaine had also announced that Ellefson’s recordings will not be used in the new album and that they had to hire a new bassist to play his parts. Although Mustaine said it shouldn’t be long as they have already replaced the bass parts, he didn’t say more about the release date in his recent Cameo video.

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