Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza died from heart failure onstage while performing with his recently band “Ohm” this May. He was 51.

After his past away, Dave Mustaine many times talked about Nick. He was very deeply sad about Nick.

Reported to Blabbermouth, Dave said during a recent press conference in New York:

“When we realized that [Nick] wasn’t gonna be able to play with us, a big part of me died, because I still secretly – well, not secretly, I guess, I think people knew we were trying – I had hoped that we would be able to play together at least one more time.

When he passed away, it was hard for me. We were playing some place in – I can’t remember where it was – and I dedicated a song to him, and I broke down in the middle of the song.

It’s really weird when you have those moments and you don’t know how much you care about somebody until something terrible like that happens. So if I could say anything tonight without being too corny: if there’s somebody that you owe an ‘I love you’ to, or ‘I forgive you,’ or ‘I’m sorry,’ do it, because you never know when someone’s gonna be gone.

I had no idea Nick was gonna go, and when he died, it broke my heart.”