Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview with Rock Talk and revealed interesting confession about his singing on Megadeth. he said:

“Well, I wasn’t the one that said it had to be me. I was the last person that wanted to sing. I just wanted to play my guitar.

But there was just this period of time that we tried and tried and tried and it just wasn’t working. Because for me, I think if you’re gonna be in a band together, you need to have the right attitude. You just have to. Everybody has to have the same kind of outlook.

I was just talking to Rudolf Schenker a couple of nights ago. He gets all excited when I talk about his band [Scorpions] in the press. And I had said there was a couple of songs that I liked and he goes, ‘Of course, you mentioned ‘Sails of Charon.” And I was like ‘How can you not?’ That’s one of the greatest solos in the world.

And I saw Uli [Jon Roth] when I first went to Dean Guitars over in Germany a while ago. And I’m really grateful that I got the chance to meet him. I hope that his project that he’s doing right now is successful.”

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