During a recent interview with Gibson TV, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed his current relationship with his former bandmates, Metallica lead singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Urich. As it turns out, all three have a better friendship now after all they have been through following Mustaine’s departure.

As some of you might know, before gaining recognition as the co-founder, vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine was the original lead guitarist of Metallica when the band first formed in 1981. Although they began recording their debut studio album, ‘Kill ‘Em All’ in 1983, the guitarist didn’t appear on the record since he was fired before they completed the album.

Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield fired Dave Mustaine from the band due to his alcoholism, drug abuse, and overly aggressive behavior without warning or giving him a second chance. When the band arrived in New York to record their debut record on April 11, 1983, they packed up Mustaine’s gear and drove him to a bus terminal.

During multiple interviews, the ginger guitarist always expressed what a heartbreaking experience it was to be fired from the band since he considered Metallica members his family. The worst part was that neither Ulrich nor Lars gave Mustaine a second chance to work on his problems. While admitting his actions were causing the band trouble at the time, the guitarist also said he could have done better if there were a proper conversation.

Due to being fired from his band all of a sudden, the Megadeth frontman was on bad terms with his former bandmates for years until he joined Metallica for the band’s 30th Anniversary Celebration back in 2011. They all performed together and hugged on stage, in front of their fans, which was when they buried the hatchet through music.

During a recent interview, Dave Mustaine opened up about his most current relationship with the Metallica members. He revealed that he’s on good terms with James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, especially now that all three of them are grown-ups. Since they are all different people now, they seem to understand each other.

Furthermore, the former Metallica guitarist looked back on that time and revealed how he felt about being kicked out of the band. Apparently, the rocker thought his career was over when his tenure with the band ended since there weren’t people around him who supported Mustaine during those hard times.

During the interview, Mustaine said:

“I’m glad to say that our friendship today is so much different from that moment, those moments, those days, those times, those people. We’re all different. We’re dads. We’re older now. And I think that probably was the most shocking and hardest thing to tolerate or to accept at the end, was that when the band stopped, I kind of felt like I stopped.

I know that’s not true. But what’s a young kid at the time to think. I had no mentors, I had no one talking to me through my life and saying, ‘You’re gonna get through this, and you’re gonna be so much happier for it.'”

You can watch the entire interview below.