Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has shared the list of his favorite Megadeth guitarists on Twitter. He ranked all of them from best to worst.

A fan said:

“Dave always surrounds himself with amazing lead players. Drover was probably the weakest and he’s still pretty damn good.”

And Dave responded:

“Glen Drover was the weakest? I disagree. Glen is amazing.”

After a few tweets, Dave Mustaine has revealed the full list of his favorite Megadeth guitarists from weakest to best. Here:

1- Kiko Loureiro
2- Marty Friedman
3- Chris Poland
4- Glen Drover
5- Chris Broderick
6- Jeff Young
7- Al Pitrelli
8- Mike Albert

Check the tweet from below.

About 1 year ago, he said:

“My favorite guitarists in order: Kiko, Marty, Glen, Chris P., Al, Mike Albert, Chris B., and lastly Jeff. New stuff will start soon…”

Apparently, the list has changed…