In a conversation for Appetite For Distortion podcast, Megadeth frontman and co-founder Dave Mustaine his new autobiography book and shared his opinions on Guns N’ Roses icon Slash who wrote the foreword.

As you might remember, Megadeth’s iconic singer Dava Mustaine has been working on his new autobiography named ‘Rust In Peace: The Inside Story Of The Megadeth Masterpiece‘ whose release date was announced as September 8th marking the 30th anniversary of Megadeth’s ‘Rust in Peace’ album.

Moreover, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash excited the metal music fans by writing the foreword of Mustaine’s autobiography. In the foreword, Slash wrote about the time when both rock musicians were living in the same part of Los Angeles and shared the details of their friendship.

Slash also praised Mustaine by mentioning what a ‘genius riff writer‘ he was and revealed they were actually considering making him join to Megadeth, however, he couldn’t leave Guns N’ Roses.

Here’s a small part of Slash’s foreword on Dave Mustaine’s autobiography:

We became friends; he was strung out on smack and crack and he lived in the same neighborhood, so we hung out and wrote songs. He was a true, complete fucking maniac and a genius riff writer. We’d hang out, smoke crack, and come up with major heavy metal riffs, just fucking dark and heavy as hell.

Sometimes Dave Ellefson would join us; we got along great, we wrote some great shit. It got to the point, in our drug-fueled creative zone, that we started seriously entertaining the idea of me joining Megadeth.

Dave Mustaine is still one of the most genius musicians I have ever jammed with, but still, in my heart of hearts, I knew I couldn’t leave Guns.”

In a conversation for Appetite For Distortion podcast, Dave Mustaine shared his opinions on Slash’s statements about his music and their long going friendship. Mustaine revealed that the foreword was actually taken from an interview Slash did previously and said amazing things about him.

“I think anybody would have wanted to have Slash write the foreword. But the thing is that actually was part of an interview that he did with somebody else and who was part of our team.

They said that ‘it was just a really great thing that Slash had been talking about you,’ and, ‘Why don’t you use that?’ And when I read it, I was just gloating; it was just great. It’s great to have people say nice stuff about you like that, but guys that you really look up to.”

Furthermore, Dave reacted to Slash’s comments on his music and stated that they actually had a special ‘guitar player bond’ and added:

“Not just because they’re successful — because I’m successful too — but we were close; we spent a lot of time together in the 1980s. David spent more time with Slash than I did, but I think that we had that guitar player bond.”

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