Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine remembered the time when they were touring with Stone Temple Pilots during a recent appearance on Gibson’s YouTube account.

In 1992, Megadeth released their fifth studio album, ‘Countdown To Extinction,’ which debuted on Billboard 200 charts at No. 2. It features songs such as ‘Symphony Of Destruction,’ ‘Sweating Bullets,’ and more.

Following the album’s release, the band decided to promote it by going on a North American/European tour in the same year along with Stone Temple Pilots, which continued through the following year. However, it was canceled due to health reasons.

As Dave said in the conversation, he told Stone Temple Pilots’ late singer Scott Weiland not to get involved with heroin. Unfortunately, Dave thinks this made it look more appealing to Scott, and he started to use it during the shows.

Furthermore, Dave pointed out that there was lots of drug abuse going on throughout the tour, and he also relapsed, but there was a point he got so frustrated that he wanted to go home. According to Dave, even his wife wanted him to come back home and leave the tour.

Dave Mustaine on Countdown To Extinction tour:

“As much as I hate saying this, the ‘Countdown to Extinction’ tour was canceled for health reasons, and we had been out on tour with Stone Temple Pilots, and I had told those guys how great I thought they were, and I told Weiland, ‘Whatever you do, stay away from heroin.’

And I should’ve just kept my mouth shut because I think I made it look appealing by saying that, and on that tour, there was a lot of drug abuse going on, and I basically just relapsed really hard and just wanted to go home, didn’t want to be out on the road anymore, didn’t want to play…

I watched Stone Temple Pilots, and that’s the same time that ‘Countdown’ was out. I think when ‘Countdown’ came out it was No. 2. I was furious that Billy Ray Cyrus had the No. 1 record and we couldn’t shake him.”

He continued:

“And I was so happy for them, but I knew it was time to go home. My wife came down on the road, and she saw me, and she said, ‘You’re going home right now.’ And I left. I went home, I went and got cleaned up, and those guys went on to great things.

I learned a lot about myself at that point because there was, obviously, there was some kind of feeling of envy, but it was for somebody I didn’t really know, so I had no idea where it was coming from.

So, in essence, what seemed to be really a bad thing turned out really great because it helped me take a more introspective way to look at myself.”

You can check out the full interview below.