Megadeth’s frontman Dave Mustaine revealed his favorite console game in a recent interview with Jonesy’s Jukebox. He said:

I played PlayStation a long, long time ago, hurt my hands a lot – nintendonitis [Chuckles].

I remember the game that I got. I liked this comic from Marvel called ‘The Punisher’ and I got the game and I had to beat it! I promised my wife, ‘I swear to God, as soon as I beat this friggin’ game, I’m getting rid of it!’ And sure enough, as soon as I finished it, it was gone, ’cause it just sucked me in.

I think if you want a career running drones for the military or something like that – it might be cool. It’s gotten really advanced now. We’ve done something a few records ago, this song called ‘Gears of War,’ that we’d written for the game ‘Gears of War.’ We had a lot of songs appear on ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ a lot of games.”

You can listen the Gears of Wars song from below.