Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine had a recent interview with Appetite for Distortion and revealed an unknown truth about Guns N Roses icon Slash.

Dave Mustaine revealed that Slash almost joined Megadeth but things didn’t work out as planned.

Here is that part of the conversation (Transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

Appetite for Distortion:

“You’re good friends with Slash, is it true that he once tried out for Megadeth because of the friendship and idolizing his work?”

Dave Mustaine:

“Yes, we’re most definitely friends. He didn’t try out, but he had an invitation. He and David Ellefson had played together several times, so that was fun.

And he liked playing with Dave, and he liked the idea of playing with me, and I thought it was a great idea too.

That’s probably where we became such great friends. Although we don’t see each other a lot, whenever we see each other it’s, ‘Hey, what’s up, man?’

And there’s, I think, a deep, deep, deep mutual respect for each other.”

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