In a recent interview, Dave Mustaine said that Metallica may be the main reason why The Big Four shows are not being re-organised. Click here that interview.

In a new interview by Eddie Trunk, he asked if there was a highlight moment from the previous Big 4 gigs that really stands out to him. Dave Mustaine pissed off about what Kirk Hammett said. Here’s the statement:

“Not really. They all had significance to it. I think that the playing at the end was fun too.

But I think it always kind of soured to me when you watch Kirk Hammett say on the DVD [‘The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria’], when they’re praying, and he says that ‘we’re the Big One.’

That just kind of shows you how the mentality was there – that it really wasn’t the Big 4; it was Metallica and then the three of us.

I would love to see it done in a way where we all got treated fairly and we all played together, same amount of time, same kind of stage situation, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

And it’s cool, because Slayer’s gonna down in history, and they don’t need the Big 4 to make them any more legendary than they already are. Nor do I.”

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