Dave Mustaine is a metal musician who is loved and liked by everyone in his family life. He shares his special moments with his wife and children on social media accounts.

Speaking in an interview by the Rolling Stone magazine, Dave Mustaine revealed the Megadeth songs he dedicated his parents.

Here’s the songs:

For mom – ‘A Tout Le Monde’ (Youthanasia, 1994)

“I wrote [‘A Tout Le Monde’] for my mom when she died. It was kind of an epitaph for her. The premise of the song was that my mom was able to come back to visit me in a dream and she could say only one thing to me, then it was off. When I asked her what it was, it was, ‘I love you.’ And that’s what the song was about.”

For dad – ‘The Conjuring’ (Peace Sells, 1986)

“It’s funny, because I had another dream about my dad when he passed away and it was the same kind of thing, but that was in the song ‘The Conjuring,’ and it was way darker and more sinister. It was me dreaming that my dad had done some kind of pact with the devil.”