On Twitter, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine answered some questions from fans. He has revealed the Queen song that he would like to write.

A fan asked:

“Dave, merry Christmas Eve Sir. What hard rock song, that you didn’t write but wish you did?”

Mustaine responded:

“We Will Rock You from Queen.”

Another fan asked:

“Hey Dave I listen to your radio show from New Zealand and have written a song. I’m wondering if you take submissions for your radio show?”

Dave wrote:

“You can send it to my manager at @5Bartistmgmt. I’m happy to hear you are writing songs”

A fan said:

“I met you in 1997 backstage Sunken Gardens at the Cryptic Writings concert. You took 15 minutes of your time to speak with me. It made a big impression in my life. I was going through a dark time and the kind words from you helped me a lot.”

Dave said:

“It was my pleasure. But you’re ruing my bad reputation. 🤪”

On when we’ll come to Venezuela, he said:

“When it’s legal and safe. I remember when I met the Venezuelan fans, I loved them the moment we all sang together. I know how proud you are as a people, too! Everywhere, I saw yellow, blue, and red. Merry Christmas Venezuela, see you soon?”

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